Level 1 Certification

Certification Process (Level 1 – Certified Workforce Professional)

Step 1 – Complete the Pre-Assessment. If you score is 90% or more, proceed to Step 2. If your score is less than 90%, you must repeat the Pre-Assessment once within 30 days. If your score is still less then 90%, enroll in courses to increase your content knowledge and repeat the Pre-Assessment.

Step 2 – Apply for certification. Complete the certification application and submit it to National Workforce Institute. Include the appropriate application fee (on-line or by mail). You have one year from the submittal date of your application to complete the certification process.

Step 3 – Complete the 360º feedback process (performance levels). If you average score is at least 3.0 and you have no scores below 2.0, proceed to Step 4. If your average score is less than 3.0 or you have individual scores of less than 2.0, enroll in courses/activities to increase performance. Submit documentation of your development efforts on an NWI Action Plan form.

Step 4 – Complete the level 1 certification test. If your score is 90% or more, you have met the knowledge requirements for certification. If your score is less than 90%, you will be allowed to repeat the certification test once. If you do not score 90% or more on the re-test, you must wait at least 30 days to re-test. You may take the final certification test a maximum of four times within one year of your application. Upon completion of the process, a CWP package will be mailed to you

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