Customized Workforce Solutions

At NWI, we realize that each workforce organization is unique. Although overall performance goals may be similar, there are differences in job titles, service processes, and organizational structures.

As a result, NWI works with organizations to customize existing training programs to incorporate their specific terminology, cultural norms and objectives. Example solutions include:
  • Conducting Customer Interviews – Fine tune your interviewing skills with one day of training! This course prepares staff to gather basic information, determine the job readiness of a customer, and identify additional services a customer may require.
  • Delivering Effective Workshops (Job Search Seminar) – This is a two-for-one bargain! Designed for facilitators, this workshop builds skills required to deliver dynamite workshops! For practice activities, participants use Job Search Seminar materials. (3 days)
  • Developing Solutions to Employment Challenges – Looking for ways to overcome employment barriers? This two-day course provides solutions to challenges that may keep customers from going to work.
  • Effective Recruiting – A Day in the Life of a Staffing Specialist! This course provides the “know how” to locate, match, screen, and refer qualified job candidates to employers. Participants learn how to build and maintain employer relationships and expand their search for skilled workers beyond the workforce talent bank. (2 days)
  • Generating Creative Solutions for Employers – Designed from an employer’s perspective, this course prepares staff to be great consultants! Participants learn how to listen to employer needs, see every contact as an opportunity, and build ongoing relationships. (2 days)
  • Labor Market Intelligence: How People Really Get Jobs – Provide value-added service by ensuring staff can accurately advise their customers about local labor market conditions. This one-day workshop shows participants how to gather “insider” information about jobs, especially jobs in the secondary job market. It is a prerequisite for follow-on modules targeting specific growth industries:
    • Educational Services (1/2 day)
    • Health Services (1/2 day)
    • Industrial Construction (1/2 day)
    • Oil and Gas (1/2 day)
  • Landing that First Job – Calling all first-time job seekers. This workshop is for you! Prepare your staff to help young people as they enter the world of work…to teach them to present themselves in a way that makes employers say, “You’re hired!” This workshop can be delivered in a single day (8 hours) or as individual two-hour modules.
  • Managing Self-Help Resources – How are the resource areas working in your Centers? Are they everything they could be? In this workshop, participants learn to create and manage a customer-friendly system that includes a variety of resources, supplies, and equipment. (2 days)
  • Testing and Assessment – Based on DOL Guidelines, this course provides skills for properly administering customer assessments. Participants gain hands-on experience with several assessment tools and learn to apply results to customer employment plans. (2 days)
  • Tracking Customer Services – Everything you always wanted to know about recording and tracking services! In this three-day workshop, participants learn how to outreach customers and verify eligibility requirements for various funded services. Topics include creating Program Detail, entering participation hours, and analyzing TWIST Web Reports. (Texas only)
  • Working with Job Seekers – A Youthful Approach – This workshop provides techniques for effectively working with youth customers who seek assistance in finding or retaining employment and/or training. (2 days)
  • Working with Job Ready Customers – This hands-on workshop helps participants understand what employers expect in job candidates and how to use a variety of tools to prepare job seekers to look for work. (2 days)

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