Our Approach: Competency - Based Methodology

National Workforce Institute uses the following 4-step Competency-Based approach® to ensure that all workforce professionals receive the required"core" competencies for excellent performance. This approach allows organizations to strategically focus their training resources, reduce cost and redundancy and develop a highly skilled workforce.

Step 1: Clearly Define Desired Results
  • Work with leadership and employees to align performance metrics with organizational goals.
  • Use focus groups andonline questionnaires to understand current job performance requirements.
  • Identify "core" competencies required for all job functions.
  • Define behaviors that represent high, average, and poor performance.
Step 2: Assess Current Competency Levels
  • Administer online assessments to measure knowledge of required "core" competencies.
  • Administer online 360° feedback surveys to measure performance of required competencies.
  • Identify knowledge and performance gaps that represent opportunity for improvement.
Step 3: Customize and DeliverTraining Plan to Close the Knowledge and Performance Gaps
  • Identify training required to close performance gaps.
  • Customize existing and develop new training.
  • Determine most appropriate delivery methods; stand-up, blended or web-based.
  • Administer and deliver training.
Step 4: Measure Results
  • Assess increases in employee knowledge and performance.
  • Determine what additional action is needed. If gaps still exist, identifyother environmental contributors.
  • Summarize and provide leadership with results and recommendations for further improvement.

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