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National Workforce Institute can provide solutions to critical issues you face:

Q:  What are the current skill levels of my staff?  What are the greatest training needs?

A:  Our online assessment tools provide a quick snapshot of staff training needs related to NWI competencies. You can focus your training dollars where the needs – and potential payoffs – are greatest.

Q:  Where can I find “good” training?

A:  NWI offers training related to many universal and functional competencies. If you don’t see what you need in our catalogs, we can provide guidelines for selecting local vendors to meet your needs.

Q:  How can I identify, reward, and retain talented employees?

A:  NWI certification is a challenging process. Employees must demonstrate high levels of both knowledge and performance in each NWI competency.  Encouraging your staff to achieve NWI certification will increase motivation, support professional development goals, and provide you with a pool of talented employees.

Q:  What if I need to change my local service delivery process?

A:  Our performance consultants can create customized solutions to support your organizational change goals. We can develop quality management tools, standard operating procedures, and customized training to move you beyond the “status quo.”

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