About NWI

National Workforce Institute provides a variety of benefits to both workforce professionals and the workforce network staff. Through National Workforce Institute, workforce organizations can:
  • Develop a certified pool of skilled workforce professionals.
  • Establish common job descriptions and standards for hiring.
  • Reduce overall costs of training development and management.
  • Align training with competencies required for job performance.
  • Establish evaluation guidelines for your contractors and training vendors.
National Workforce Institute allows workforce professionals to:
  • Identify competencies required to excel at their job.
  • Identify career paths for growth and development.
  • Receive feedback on current knowledge levels and job performance.
  • Identify training needs to address knowledge and skill gaps.
  • Apply for professional certification.
  • Participate in development opportunities that support career advancement.
National Workforce Institute is headquartered in Houston, Texas with abundant resources throughout the United States. Our staff includes performance consultants, instructional designers, industry-experienced facilitators and program administrators.

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